Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Custom Rings or Pendants Made for You by Payne's Custom Jewelry

Unique Gold and Diamond Ring

Custom Rings and Pendants that You Design

Custom made Pendant
The three pictures on this post are examples of recent custom jewelry pieces I have made for my Internet customers. The first picture is a ladies horseshoe ring with diamonds made in yellow gold. I can use yellow or white gold, or sterling silver, to make your custom jewelry. The gold used can be either 10, 14 or 18 karat. On the left is an image of a unique pendant done in sterling silver. To see more pictures of my custom jewelry visit my website Payne Custom Jewelry.

Custom Sterling Silver Band
The handcrafted ring on the right was done in sterling silver with the design antiqued. I can make almost any type of jewelry you can imagine. The ring or pendant design possibilities are endless. If you are interested in getting a unique custom piece done send me an email at tony@paynesjewelry.com and I will give you a free price quote based on your design ideas.


Jewelry Alabama said...

Wow.. the word has came from my mouth automatically when I saw your design, which was awesome.

sterling silver pendant said...

These are really awesome. Love them so much.

Jeani said...

Excellent work. I love your design which are unique and attractive

Katrina said...

Wow, you have a very unique style and designs. The 1st ring and the pendant is really cute and very feminine. The last ring is antique looking. Your jewelries are really gorgeous and unique. Very well made. Keep it up!:)