Sunday, May 14, 2006

Saltwater Fishing in the Gulf of Mexico South of Mobile, Alabama

Saturday I went saltwater fishing in the Gulf of Mexico with my buddy captain Ed. We launched late in the morning from Dauphin Island near the southwest tip of Mobile Bay. The weather was ideal and the seas were between one and three feet. We fished about 15 miles south of Mobile Bay at some underwater structures in around 100 feet of water. These were structures sunk to enhance the fishing in the Gulf and include everything from concrete piramids to old army tanks. The structure we caught most of our fish on was an old barge.

Our first two spots were unproductive so we moved north toward land. The water was exceptionally clear for this time of year. Our third spot was a honey. We anchored and caught fish until almost sunset. Many were too small to keep or some fish were too big and got off. We were fishing primarily for red snapper and grouper and were blessed with a good catch of both. We ended up with four keeper snapper and two nice grouper. We headed back in near dark thankful for a great day of fishing in the Gulf.