Monday, July 28, 2014

New Unique Bracelets and Pendants Made by Payne's Custom Jewelry

This blog post contains some of my recent custom jewelry work made for my customers. They include silver bracelets and gold and silver pendants. The pendant above was done in 14 karat white gold in a shell design. The white gold chain goes through the piece.

The silver pendant at the left was one that my customer needed numerous duplicates made from the original design. The first pendant is carved in wax. After making the first piece in metal a rubber mold was used to manufacture the additional pendants. Wax was injected into the mold which hardened into wax models of the original pendant.

Normally I do one-of-a-kind custom jewelry pieces. However, some customers request multiple copies of their original design.  Below is a unique sterling bracelet I made for a customer. The first link was carved in wax. After it is cast in silver a rubber mold was made in order to produce the rest of the links used to make the bracelet. A silver pin is soldered between each link to make them flexible.

Below is a silver bracelet that has a solid piece on top with a chain attached. If you have a jewelry design you would like made email me at and I will give a free price quote based on your custom jewelry ideas.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Custom Rings and Pendants Made by Payne's Custom Jewelry

This blog post contains some examples of my recently completed custom pendants and rings. My name is Tony Payne and I manufacture custom jewelry for my customers who want their own designs created in silver or gold. I have been doing this online since 1999 which was around the time Google got started.

The large piece pictured above was made in sterling silver this year from a customer's design. The design is recessed in the metal and antiqued. I can make almost any jewelry design you create in either sterling silver or gold. Your custom piece can be a unique pin, a pair of earrings, bracelet or charm that you design.

I also make custom wedding jewelry including bands, engagement rings and anniversary rings. Your work is done in either white or yellow gold or sterling silver. I can provide any gemstones necessary at a reasonable cost. This includes all grades of diamonds, natural rubies and blue sapphires. Synthetic stones can be used on your jewelry design as well.

This pendant is made in 14 karat white gold with a synthetic star sapphire. I can also order semi-precious stones such as opal or tourquoise for your handmade ring or pendant.

Recently I made some 2 sided pendants for customers. The pendant below is an example. The design in the center is cut into the wax model to produce the finished effect. The recessed part is antiqued black so it will stand out.

Custom men's or ladies rings can be made in silver or gold. The ring can also have gemstone if you desire. The possiblities are endless! Your own piece of unique jewelry made the way you want. Something that will last forever. A quality in products that is very rare these days. Custom jewelry makes a wonderful gift.

If you have a ring or pendant design you would like made send me an email at I will give you a free price quote based on your unique design. Let me know what design you want. A picture or sketch is helpful. What metal that will be used is important. How big your piece will be will help determine the metal cost.

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Custom Jewelry You Design made by

 Payne's Custom Jewelry

custom made jewelry by Payne's Custom Jewelery
Unique 14 karat white gold wedding bands

I hope everyone had a pleasant Christmas Holiday. For those that don't know, I make unique custom jewelry. I manufacture each piece according to my customer's design. I've been doing this online since 1999. Around the year Google was created. I've made many different pieces of custom jewelry since that time. God has blessed me greatly.

The pictures in this blog post are examples of my recent creations. They were done for customers who had a design idea they wanted made into a unique piece of fine jewelry. Each piece is unique. I don't make copies of other people's work.

Custom sterling pendant with a black onyx gemstone

If my customer wants multiple copies of a unique design a rubber mold is made of the original piece. This mold is used to manufacture the additional pieces. I use either gold or sterling silver to make custom jewelry. The gold used can be 14 or 10 karat and can be yellow or white. The custom piece made can be a pendant, ring, charm or bracelet. Some designs may contain gemstones and others use only metal. To see more pictures of my work go to this page.

Custom sterling silver cross pendant

If you have a unique custom jewelry design you might want made into a piece of fine jewelry email me at Custom jewelry price quotes are free. Let me know the design details, what metal you would like and how big your piece will be. A picture or sketch would also help.

Unique silver custom pendant design