Saturday, November 26, 2005

Archaeology in Mississippi - Parchman Dig 2003

The state of Mississippi has a rich prehistory that is represented mostly by the artifacts left by past inhabitants. Humans have lived here for over 12,000 years which was near the end of the last Ice Age.

I have been involved, as an amateur, in archaeology for many years. I am a member of the Mississippi Archaeological Association (MAA) which is an organization of both professional and amateur archaeologist within Mississippi. During the summer of 2003 the MAA helped with a dig near Clarksdale in the Mississippi Delta. The research was being conducted primarily by the University of Mississippi archaeology department. This was a multiple mound site with an adjacent living area. Ground penetrating radar had been used to locate house sites for possible excavation.

This is a picture of a trench that was being dug into one of the mounds. Pieces of cane mat used in construction was found several feet below the surface. The dwellings were made using mud daub construction. Mud or clay was mixed with plant fiber and placed in a cane and wood structure. Artifacts found on the surface in the cotton fields around the site include pieces of pottery, stone tools made with local gravel, and mud daub with impressions of cane.

This is a view towards the mounds. They are nearly obscured by trees. It was very hot the day I was there and I took some redbugs home with me. Archaeology is usually hard and dirty work.

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