Thursday, November 17, 2005

Post Katrina Pictures from Biloxi, Mississippi

My lovely wife went to Biloxi, Mississippi, last weekend with her dad. Her brother was roofing a house down there. These are some of the pictures she took of that area. The total destruction everywhere is hard to imagine. Casino barges are now on dry land. Concrete slabs lay where houses once stood. Many people are still living in tents. I'm sure it will be many years before the Gulf Coast recovers from the affects of Katrina. The red brick colonial style house above has been standing since 1720 and was one of the oldest buildings in Ocean Springs. It did not survive Katrina. Even though it was on the back bay, flood waters ran right through the center of the house, causing its collapse. The beautiful old, stately homes along Beach Blvd are gone, or destroyed past saving.