Saturday, April 12, 2008

Custom Meteorite Jewelry - The Falling Star Pendant from Payne's Custom Jewelry

Custom meteorite pendant from Payne's Custom Jewelry Meteorites have always fascinated me so about a year ago I started my own meteorite collection. I purchased some with which to make custom jewelry. Pictured above is my new custom meteorite jewelry design. I am calling this the "Falling Star Pendant". This sterling silver pendant is set with a genuine nickel-iron meteorite from China which fell to earth in May of 1516. This unique designer pendant weighs 16 grams and is 45 mm tall (1-3/4 inches) from the top of the bail.

Custom meteorite pendant from Payne's Custom Jewelry

The cost of this unique and beautiful custom pendant is $125 which includes shipping. Send me an email at if you would like to own this wonderful pendant. This is the first of a limited series I will make using this design.

The two general types of meteorites are stony and metallic. I have only collected the metal variety so far. They have the classic meteorite look.

Some meteorites are called individuals and other are classifies as fragments. The individuals have their surface eroded by the atmosphere and have regmaglyphs or ablation cavities on the surface of the specimen.
Sikhote-Alin meteorite with regmaglyphs from Russia

I have collected meteorites from Russia, China and Argentina. All have particular characteristics that set them apart from each other. To start your own "out of this world" collection just go to Ebay and search for "iron meteorite".

This is a link to an informative video about the Sikhote-Alin Meteorite fall in Russia in 1947. An eyewitness did a painting of the event which is pictured below. Your comments and questions about custom meteorite jewelry are welcome.