Friday, July 14, 2006

Handmade Designer Python Skin Handbags from Baixada

A good friend and customer of mine, Lisa Zawacki, has a unique designer handbag company called Baixada. It specializes in genuine python and alligator skin handbags. She has recently updated her complete line and you can check it out at the designer handbag collection.

Lisa contacted me two years ago and asked me to produce the zipper pulls for her new line of designer purses. She sent me a design that was in the form of a styleized monkey with genuine gemstone eyes. I have been producing them for her ever since. The color of the gemstone eyes match the colors of the handbags. The sterling silver monkey pulls are a signature of her unique handbag designs.

Lisa also has the monkey design in a custom necklace and cufflinks. The Baixada line also includes unique handmade alligator skin belts. If you have ever wanted a luxury designer handbag, Baixada is the place to find what you are looking for. All the purses are unique and expertly handmade in Spain.