Monday, October 01, 2007

Custom Jewelry Made Using Your Stones and Gold

Wax model of custom pendant with gemstones laid in place

Unique Custom Jewelry Created Using Your Gemstones and Gold

I recently made a custom pendant for a customer and she requested I use her gold and stones in the design. She sent me a picture of the pendant design and stone layout she wanted. My estimate was for the labor on the carving and casting as well as the stone setting. She provided all the materials needed to make the pendant.

Finished wax model of custom gemstone pendant

If you have gemstones and scrap gold you would like to have made into a new custom piece just let me know what you would like and I'll send you a free price quote based on your design and materials. My email address is . Your custom jewelry can be a unique ring, pendant or pin.

Below is a picture of the finished custom gold pendant with gemstones. For more information about how custom jewelry is made and to see more examples of my work go to my website Payne's Custom Jewelry .

 Finished Custom Pendant with Gemstones