Saturday, June 01, 2013

Unique Custom Jewelry made by Tony Payne for His Customers

Unique Custom Made Sterling Silver Jewelry
Created by Payne's Custom Jewelry

This post contains some of my most recent sterling silver custom jewelry pieces that I manufactured for my Internet customers. They are made from unique designs that my customers described to me in email. Sometimes they send me pictures of exactly what they want in the pendant or bracelet design. Other times they give me a good idea of the design and I send them a sketch for their approval before any work begins. The pendant design pictured above had special sentimental value to my customer.

Pictured above is a clock face bracelet where the design was cut into the wax model and after it was cast in silver the engraved parts were antiqued to give them a dark finish.

Above is a "if pigs could fly" pendant I made recently. It was done from a picture my customer had and wanted the design made into a special custom pendant. Below is a unique sterling silver horseshoe pendant which was also made using a picture the customer had of the design to go by.

The picture below is a sterling silver "tree of life" pendant I made that the original picture of the design was modified by the customer. The design was simplified and names are engraved on the tree roots in the pendant.

Below is an initial pendant made in sterling silver. It was designed by my customer and was made to his specifications. If you have ever wanted a special custom ring or pendant made send me an email. It should contain your description of the design and any details that might help such as the metal to be used and the size it needs to be. All my work in done in sterling silver or gold. My email address is