Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Unique Custom Pendant made in 14 Karat Yellow Gold and set with a Designer Cut Fossilized Dinosaur Coprolite (Poop) Stone

This unique custom pendant is done in 14 karat yellow gold and is set with a designer cut fossilized dinosaur coprolite (poop) stone. This designer pendant is 42 mm, or 1.6 inches, tall from the top of the bail. This is a true conversation piece for someone who wants unique jewelry to wear.
This coprolite stone comes from Utah from material that is over 150 million years old. It was carefully selected and hand cut by me and measures 32 by 12 mm. This unusual pendant is on sale for only $299. Send an email to me at if you would like to purchase this for yourself or someone special for Christmas. If you need a gold chain to go with it just let me know what style and length and I'll send a quote.

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