Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Unique Custom Made Pendants 
Manufactured by Payne's Custom Jewelry 

I manufacture custom jewelry that you design. I have been making custom jewelry, for my online customers, since 1999. The pictures on this blog represent some of my work created over the last few months. I can work in either sterling silver or gold but my customers mostly prefer silver.

I have done jewelry pieces with or without gemstones. The gemstones that are used can be natural or synthetic. If you have your own stones you would like to put in your unique ring or pendant I might be able to use them in your custom piece.

I do not copy jewelry designs already made. All my pieces are one-of-a-kind unless my client wants multiple copies of their design. In that case, a rubber mold is made of the first piece that has been carved from wax and cast in silver or gold. Using the rubber mold, a wax mold of the design is produced without it having to be carved.

My labor charge to make a simple pendant starts at $150. This labor charge is based on the complexity of the design. For a custom ring the labor charge begins at $250.

You only pay for the metal that is actually used in your unique pendant or ring. In gold either 10 or 14 karat can be used. The color can be yellow or white in either karat. I don't cast in platinum.

If you would like a free custom jewelry price quote, based on your design, contact me at tony@paynesjewelry.com. Visit my site  at www.paynesjewelry.com for more details and custom jewelry pictures.

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