Thursday, October 06, 2011

Payne's Custom Jewelry is Now Taking Christmas Orders

Custom Jewelry is a Great Christmas Gift

Pictured on this blog are some pieces of recently made custom designed jewelry I did for my Internet customers. I am currently taking custom jewelry orders for Christmas so be sure to get your order in today. Above is a matching sterling silver pendant set. The original was hand carved and cast in silver and a rubber mold was made from it which was used to make the additional pendant.

The unique cross and flower design pendant is done in sterling silver. If I make a unique original piece for you I will not make a duplicate of the design unless you ask for it. This insures that your design will not be duplicated without your permission.

The image below is a custom designed bracelet made in 14 karat white gold with beads set in each link that the customer provided. The first link was cast in gold and a rubber mold was made. This mold was used to make the other links used in this custom bracelet.

Pictured on the left is a unique custom ring done in sterling silver with a round black onyx stone set in the center. Your ring can be made in either silver or gold. Any gemstones you wish can be set in the design. The possibilities are endless.

On the right is a unique 14 karat gold logo pendant I made for a customer recently. I make all types of unique custom logo jewelry including pendants, rings or pins. If you are interested in having a unique custom piece done send me an email at and I will give you a free price quote based on your design ideas. Just let me know what design you want, the metal and the size of the piece.


Gift Ideas said...

I really love the idea of logo jewelry. It would be a perfect promotions piece to give out to your employees and best customers. They will remember you and appreciate you.

Suzaan said...

Yes its a very thoughtful thoughts to gift your customer the logo jewelry of your company it will surely support your business.Great Idea!!!!!!