Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Unique Custom Made Pendants and Bracelet recently Handmade by Payne's Custom Jewelry

Custom Made Jewelry

Pictured on this blog are four examples of my recently created custom jewelry. The pieces include three pendants and one bracelet. All were made using the lost wax casting method in which a wax model is created of your jewelry design and it is cast in the metal of your choice. To see a discussion with pictures of this complete process see my custom jewelry manufacturing page.  The first picture is a unique sterling silver dragon logo pendant.

Three of the pieces are made in sterling silver and one is 18 karat yellow gold.  Your custom jewelry can be made in either sterling silver or 10, 14 or 18 karat gold, or platinum.  The gold can be yellow or white color.  If you have scrap gold it can be used to make your custom ring or pendant.  Your own gemstones can also be used to create your unique jewelry.

I can supply any gemstones such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds.  I also cut semi-precious gemstones for custom jewelry.  My designer cut gemstone page has some examples of stones available.

I give free price quotes on all jewelry making projects.  Before any work is done you can receive a sketch of your jewelry for your approval. As the wax carving nears completion you will receive pictures of the wax model for your approval.

The pendant above is done in sterling silver and it is a logo design.  Pictured on the right is a custom made 18 karat yellow gold pendant with diamonds. 

Contact me at if you would like a free custom jewelry price quote.  Or call me toll free at 1-866-509-9199 between 9 AM and 6 PM CDT Monday through Saturday to discuss your custom jewelry ideas.  If you would like to view more pictures of my custom work visit this Picassa Web Albums page.

Unique Stargate Bracelet in Sterling Silver


James Bowman said...

The ideas of putting this jewelries in most simple yet attractive way is truly amazing.

Diamonds Engagement Ring said...

Awesome collection. Now a days diamond jewelry is the latest trend in engagement ring ceremony.