Saturday, December 31, 2005

Custom Made Sterling Silver Pendant

This is another of my recent custom jewelry creations from Payne's Custom Jewelry. It's a unique sterling silver family crest pendant with a heavy rope chain. If you have ever wanted a custom designed piece of jewelry, made to your specifications, just send me an email. I will be glad to send you a free price quote based on your custom jewelry needs.


Anonymous said...

hi is there some way that you can make me a gold and white gold treble clef chain with diamonds on it. reach me asap

Anonymous said...

i need a fraternity silver pendant with the phi and the psi together i hvae the design is relly simple i would like to know if u can work on it thanx

Anonymous said...

I just bought a chain and im looking to get a custom pendant done. i need it a fairly good size, like 1 1/2 in tall x 2in across. hit me up at if u can do it.