Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Views from up the Pearl River near Jackson, Mississippi

I recently went on a fishing trip up the Pearl River north of Jackson, Mississippi. It's a short trip up the Natchez Trace from where I live. The weather was excellent with temperatures in the mid 80s and a light wind. I didn't catch many fish but this was a photo opportunity for me as well. The fall colors were very vibrant. We haven't had any rain here in a few weeks and the colors are near their peak.

I did see two alligators but wasn't able to get very close for a good picture. They are rather camera shy. The one I did get a picture of slipped into the water soon after it was taken. There are some rather large ones in the river and Ross Barnette Reservoir which is fed by the Pearl. They had their first ever legal alligator hunt on the river about a month ago. There were strict regulations on how they were taken.

The trees that are so red are cyprus. The water was rather low and clearer than usual because of the lack of rain. I usually fish for white perch or bass on the river.

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